Pop-Up Gallery at Wien Museum together with LEAP

AUG 1-4 | AUG 8-11 | hours: 2-10pm
Wien Museum, Karlsplatz, 1040 Wien

We're happy to announce participating on the TAKEOVER of Wien Museum as a Pop-Up Gallery together with LEAP. You will find us directly in the lobby. We will display our Perfekt Prints series as well as other prints we produced over the years together with a few hand picked originals from Ben Reyer, Rudolf Fitz and Sebastian Schager.

Artist in residence: Robert Seikon & Anastasia Papaleonida-Pountza

JUNE 27 2019 | 7-10pm
JUNE 28 - JULY 28 2019
an Arnold Gallery | MQ, Q21 Showrooms | Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna

We're happy to announce, Seikon (PL) as #Streetartpassage / Q21 Artist-in-Residenece in JUNE - invited by Artis.Love. The Artist will paint a wall inside MQ and put up a show at Jan Arnold Gallery together with Anastasia Papaleonida-Pountza. There will be a limited edition print release with LEAP as well. Stay tuned.  

Robert SEIKON born in 1987, Gdynia Poland
Robert is a artist currently based in Athens, who obtained master's degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, Poland. His work revolves around canvases, murals and sculptures. Active in the art world and public sphere since 1999. Throughout the years his style has evolved and his interests from letters starts to focused on geometric and organic shapes. SEIKON specializes in creating unique geometrical patterns which transform diverse surfaces with the use of color and design.
Currently the artist has a growing interest in project Rurales.

Anastasia Papaleonida-Pountza was born in 1989 in Patras Greece and now she is based in Athens.
She studied visual communication in Athens. As an artist she uses different kinds of media like painting, sculpture and installations. Her work rotates the last few years around repetition and dynamic, monochrome abstract forms. She uses different materials and media like plaster, clay, ink, paper, fabric and much more. Lately she creates larger size artworks, choosing as surfaces of artistic expression the streets and also abandoned industrial spaces in Greece, trying to interact with the place, the space and the building itself, often deriving influences from the elements that surround it.

Wizardskull - Artist in Residence #Streetartpassage

Jul 26, 2018 | 7-10pm
Jul 27 - Aug 26, 2018
Jan Arnold Gallery | MQ, Q21 Showrooms | Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna

Original work catalog
Get a limited edition screen print here

We'r happy to announce the solo exhibition of WIZARDSKULL Jan Arnold Gallery on July 26.
The artist will present 10 original paintings, will paint two murals in the area of MQ as well as a cooperation on an affordable screen print (edition of 36) with LEAP Art Prints.

Artist Instagram:
Also follow the curator for work in progress stories

An artist living and working in Brooklyn NY. Early on he picked up skateboarding, and he immersed himself within the subculture. Designing tshirts, skateboard graphics, and skateboarding in local shop videos. He eventually went on to design over 200+ board graphics for skateboard companies from Norway, Russia, England, and all over the US and rest of the world. His art as well as himself skateboarding appeared in numerous skateboard magazines including Thrasher.
Adopting the moniker of Wizard Skull and abandoning freelance design work, he began wheat pasting his art all around New York. One of his most often wheat pastes was "Sexy Ronald", a buff version of Ronald McDonald wearing only underwear with fries popping out of them. People began photographing and sharing images of it on social media which led to the image going viral several times, being bootlegged and sold on tshirts in Thailand. This also led to his art being exposed to a larger audience.

AIKO - Artist in Residence #Streetartpassage

Jun 27, 2018 | 7-10pm
Jun 28 - Jul 22, 2018
Jan Arnold Gallery | MQ, Q21 Showrooms | Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna

AIKO was born and raised in Tokyo before moving to New York City in the mid-90′s. Already creating art since a young age, her art career in NYC began when she started working for Takashi Murakami. She apprenticed in Murakami’s studio in Brooklyn and worked for him until the late 90′s going on to a direct a digital biography on the artist (“Superflat” 1998). AIKO continued to practice her own art and after leaving Murakami’s studio graduated from The New School University where she finished her MFA Media Studies and later met up with two American artists, the three of them would come to establish the group now known as FAILE. Creating work within the collective locally and abroad for a number of years, she moved on and established herself as Lady AIKO in 2006. AIKO continues to create work in the studio as well as public space. She is acclaimed in the contemporary art world and well-respected within the international graffiti and street art scene.

Current Exhibitions are “BEYOND THE STREET” May 2018 in Los Angeles USA as well as the solo exhibitions “BUNNY IN THE HOUSE” at WALLWORKS Gallery NY Mar 2018, and “LADY GO” April 2018 at Shizuoka City Tokaido Hiroshige Museum JAPAN.

She worked with Banksy on “Exit Through the Gift Shop” in 2010. Her large scale works indoors and outdoors are installed in many cities, including Miami’s Wynwood Walls in 2009, New York City’s Bowery Wall in 2013, and Coney Art Walls in 2015/2016/2017, all three curated by Jeffrey Deitch. AIKO has also been involved in a large collection of group shows, from “AnimamixBiennale” at Shanghai’s MoCA in 2009 to “Edo Pop” at Japan Society NYC in 2013, ‘Some Place Like Home” at Rumney Guggenheim Gallery NY in 2015 to her more recent solo show, “Sweet Heart” at The Outsiders Gallery in the UK in 2014.

AIKO has also been commissioned to create works in collaboration with Louis Vuitton, Coach, Apple, Microsoft, Kiehl’s, The Standard, W Hotel, Sanrio Hello Kitty, Isetan, Warner Bros., RED, Pepsi, Reebok and former First Lady Michelle Obama etc.

During her stay as Q21 artist in residence at MuseumsQuartier the artist will create panels for #streetartpassage, paint a mural at Siebensterngasse, a small exhibition at Jan Arnold Gallery.

Invited by @artis.love
Inquiries to Sebastian Schager


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